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I cannot WAIT to share this program with you!  If you are tired of living bogged down, frustrated and overwhelmed we are going to reposition for success so that you can live the life you desire.   Anticipated launch date fall of 2024!

Get ready to step into 

the life you desire. 


Are you tired of being bogged down and stalled out?  Frustrated at your lack of productivity towards your dreams and overwhelmed by the busyness in your life?  

Hey - I get it!  I've been there too.  

As women we tend to have many roles in this life and it is easy to get lost in the busyness of what everyone else needs.  We get caught up in the mom-guilt, the to-do lists and the the day in and day out routine of just trying to survive. 

But the great news is, we DON'T have to stay there! 

Are you ready to get strategic and intentional with your time?  Learn how to set some brave goals and create a roadmap on how to get there?  Are you ready to reposition and finally step into the life you desire?  

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Does any of this

sound like you...

You're ready to go from:

⟡ Bogged down and frustrated at your lack of productivity towards your goals

⟡ Overwhelmed by the busyness in your life yet emptiness you feel

⟡ Lack of contentment and weary in the circumstances that surround you 

So that you can:

⟡ Effectively time manage and walk in the fullness of the roles you have 

⟡ Get strategic and intentional with your time and energy to walk in the fullness you desire

⟡ Reposition for success to walk in the vision and dreams God has put in your heart

private 1:1 coaching

You have a vision... I'm here to help you walk in it.

My heart's desire is to help equip you to move from where you are toward the great competence and fulfillment you desire.  I will help you discover your Spiritual gifts and core values, uncover your vision, build confidence to walk with the Lord on your path, put some tools in your toolbox to use along the way and help you live the life you were born to live.  

"You have stayed long enough at this mountain.  It's time to break camp and advance." (Deut. 1:6b-7a)

I believe you have everything you need to move forward.  Do you believe that?  If you do, let's get you from where you are to where you want to go! 


Reposition course

There is no better day than today to reposition. 

Do you feel stuck? 

Are you caught up in the repetitive cycle of the every day that life is throwing at you? 

Do you have passions that burn on the inside of you but no idea how to make them a reality? 

Join me inside my brand new course, Reposition for Success, to see how you can implement small changes now that will make a huge difference in no time! 





I loved working with Tana. My life was overwhelming and chaotic when we first started working together. Tana helped me to simplify the overwhelm by prioritizing what was the most overwhelming and then provided me with tools to take actionable steps. I loved having a timeline because it kept me accountable to report back. That was key to staying on task. I highly recommend working with Tana!


Tana's faith, ability to listen, give wisdom, and challenge me have been a gift in my life.  She is strong and bold, yet vulnerable, which has called me to be the same. Because Tana is a good listener she gleans insights that when shared guide me to realizations which have lead to meaningful change. She also remembers and follows up which shows me she cares.  She is a true friend and mentor. 

Are you ready?

Ready to step into the new you? 
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