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Helping you Reposition

to walk in the fullness you desire

Helping you Reposition

to walk in the fullness you desire

"You have a vision. I'm here to help you walk in it."

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Do you quietly ask yourself these questions?

Why can't I seem to live in the fullness of life that I desire...?
Why do I struggle to find contentment?
Why am I stuck in the busyness of my life and lack productivity towards my dreams?
Guess what.... you're not alone.
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Hey there,

I'm Tana!

I am a multi-passionate, fun-loving crazy ambitious, determined woman who is crazy about horses and Jesus.  

My heart's desire is to help equip woman to walk in the fullness they desire by repositioning their heart + mind + life. 

I have been bogged down, strung out on busyness and felt totally defeated. But...

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Come and join me

I will help you renew your vision and create an amazingly simple to follow roadmap so you will feel more confident and clearheaded with increased direction and clarity in no time.

Being a Certified Christian Life Coach equips me to help you move forward from where you are to the fullness you desire! 


  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Christian Life Coach
  • Education completed at Center for Christian Coaching
  • COMPEL Christian Writing Online Training Program
  • Flourish Writers Student

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I loved working with Tana. My life was overwhelming and chaotic when we first started working together. Tana helped me to simplify the overwhelm by prioritizing what was the most overwhelming and then provided me with tools to take actionable steps. I loved having a timeline because it kept me accountable to report back. That was key to staying on task. I highly recommend working with Tana!


Tana's faith, ability to listen, give wisdom, and challenge me have been a gift in my life.  She is strong and bold, yet vulnerable, which has called me to be the same.  Because Tana is a good listener she gleans insights that when shared guide me to realizations which have led to meaningful change.  She also remembers and follows up which shows me she cares.  She is a true friend and mentor. 

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A bit of my story

It all started last winter...It wasn't anything huge that happened, but it was all the small things that were adding up.  Life had me bogged down, worn out and definitely weary.  You been here?  

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Reposition for Success

I knew that I couldn't keep living this life that had me stuck in my struggles.  It was time to reposition

Win the Day!

In order to reposition ourselves for success, we have to learn to walk in the fullness of everyday.  What does that look like?  How do we truly "win the day"?  

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Are you ready?

Ready to step into the life you desire? I'll be right by your side every step of the way.



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